I am deeply touched by seemingly simple things: sunlight through a maple leaf; unspoken dialogues between people; light, patterns, motifs and contrasts in nature.

I am fascinated by folktales, myths and legends, in particular for their universal archetypal content. The placement of universal motifs in the lore of all cultures dates back from the beginning of time and sums up what human experience is comprised of. I am intrigued by the core that connects us all especially in the way it is expressed in the dynamics of opposites. I attempt to distill my perception of the world, simplify it to the utmost and instil it back in my work. In contact with my work, some viewers may then connect to the universal part of their own center.

Working with high fire porcelain or stoneware that are fired in reduction, I strive to understand materials and processes enough to be able to set the table properly:

 learn to read the river so the canoe can gracefully glide on it’s current. I approach techniques, materials and processes as partners with whom I can have intriguing dialogues.

I should be able to listen at least as much as I speak. Work, play, experiment enough with this tool or that glaze so I can eventually ‘step aside’ and let it do what it does best.

I enjoy working with glazes and processes that have a strong personality.


When all has been said and done properly, the reduction flame might bring my work to life.